About the Breed

As it's name suggests, the Hungarian Vizsla's origins are from Hungary where to this day he is still a very popular pet. This is a medium-sized, short-coated hunting dog with a lithe, distinguished appearance.

This dog was bred as a hunter of fowl and upland game and has amazingly natural hunting qualities. His short, coarse, easy-to-care for coat is richly coloured in russet gold. With a muscular, athletic build, the Hungarian Vizsla is renowned for his great stamina, enthusiasm to work in all weathers and love of water. He is is highly intelligent and very easy to train with an excellent nose, natural pointing ability and great retrieving qualities. This makes the Hungarian Vizsla an excellent all-purpose Gundog. He is also fearless with a natural instinct to protect. Although an active breed, Vizslas are also mild mannered, affectionate and sensitive. Despite requiring hard exercise, this breed is well suited to a family life and can be an excellent, loyal companion.

Vizsla 2016 Wall Calendar

A 16 month calendar that can be used from September 2015 containing 13 beautiful images of your favourite dog breed, the Vizsla. The calendar contains all public holidays and has a large grid for making notes of those special dates to remember.