The German Wirehaired Pointer is affectionate, lively, very determined, active and intelligent. Eager to learn and loyal to its family, this breed needs a handler who is consistent in approach. They like to be occupied, are vigorous and enjoy working for their owners. They are friendly with those they know, but are naturally aloof with strangers and should be socialised from an early age.

The GWP does not do well in a kennel environment. German Wirehaired pointers are happiest and most well behaved when they are part of the family and can spend time with their people. They can be rather willful and they like to roam. Powerful and energetic, they can become bored and hard to manage without enough exercise. The GWP is a good all-around gun dog, able to hunt any sort of game on any sort of terrain. This dog has a good nose and can track, point, and retrieve on both land and water. Loyal and playful, the GWP thrives on human companionship. These dogs should have the correct temperament to live with children of all ages.

About the Breed

The German Wirehaired pointer is a well muscled, medium to large-sized dog of distinctive appearance. These dogs originated in Germany for hunting, their origins tracing back to 1880.  Breeders wanted to develop a rugged, versatile hunting dog that would work closely with either one person or a small party of persons hunting on foot in varied terrain, from the mountainous regions of the Alps, to dense forests, to more open areas with farms and small towns. The dog that the Germans decided to breed, would have a coat that could protect the dogs when working in heavy cover or in cold water, yet be easy to maintain. The functional wiry coat is the breed's most distinctive feature. It is weather resistant and, to some extent, water-repellent.

The undercoat is dense enough in winter to insulate against the cold but is so thin in summer as to be almost invisible. The distinctive outer coat is straight, harsh, wiry and flat lying, and is from one to two inches in length. The outer coat is long enough to protect against the punishment of rough cover, but not so long as to hide the outline of the dog. The coat being short, flat and coarse to the feel results in the GWP being a very easy dog to keep clean even in the foulest weathers. The GWP became a leading gun dog in Germany in the later part of the 20th century.

Typically Pointer in character and style, the GWP is an intelligent, energetic and determined hunter. As with German Shorthaired Pointers, they have webbed feet.

Breed Colours

The breed colours are solid black and solid liver or either colour ticked (speckled) with white.  Medium-sized, trainable and friendly, he combines grace, energy and stamina in a neat frame.